36 Red Grande Roses

The BIG Roses in The BIG Box with The BIG Bow Give Her The BIG ONES ! 36 extra long roses, water tubes, boxed with ferns and baby’s breath.

Place you order in advance online, by phone or by coming in our store. You Pre order Pre Pay, and you are on your way!

When you arrive at Bucks County Roses, Stay In Your Car.

Follow the Drive-Thru makers, directing you to the special lane, on the right of the building.

Give the attendant your name at the Drive-Thru station. Within moments your roses, water tubed for freshness, boxed with greens and baby’s breath, in our attractive gloss white package or a beautiful arrangement will be brought to YOU. Along with a blank card Valentine, upon which you can express your own personal sentiments.

As simple as that you’re on your way! 

NOTE:  Delivery and Drive Thru orders cannot be combined.  Please place separate orders for each order type.  To order delivery to more then one address, a separate order per address is required.

Disclaimer:  All arrangements may be arranged differently from those shown in the respective pictures. An arrangement is always unique and may vary from the picture. The flower type, size, colors may vary according to seasonal availability on the specified date of delivery. If the specified flower/product is not available, then suitable alternative will be sent.

* Required Values